It all started on 25th December 1975, my 4th Christmas. We must all have certain memories or periods in our life that set the stage for the rest of our time on this earth. This was most definitely mine and the course of my life was mapped out on that very day. It made me the man I am today. Despite being given a veritable plethora of lovely presents, all I apparently wanted to do was play with the Fisher Price children’s record player that my parents had given me.

My other presents lay un-opened as I sat on the floor and played my new plastic records for hours and hours on end, driving my family mad.

Fast forward 40-odd years and with over 50,000 records in my collection here I am in my man-cave surrounded by all this music. I’ve played in bands since I was 18, touring Europe 3 times, self-releasing many records, being signed to a record label, recording John Peel Sessions for Radio One and having a multitude of fun along the way. I still do that now but it’s also time for me to kick back, share the knowledge and hopefully continue being a geek.

Keep collecting!